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Formal attire, both for proms and weddings alike, is all over the place in terms of style. Today's top designers have come out with seriously daring looks, but the latest style doesn't flatter every girl's figure. How do you know what's going to look great on you and what you should skip? This guide can help.

The Apple of His Eye

Don't hide that big, beautiful top! Instead, choose a v-neckline that helps to make you look a bit longer at the top, then go with an empire fit waist. A gradually flaring skirt will look amazing, but so will a cocktail style dress if you have a gorgeous set of legs to go with it! Fit and flare gowns are not going to work for you, as they won't accentuate your beautiful body style.

Smaller Top

If your body tends to favour a pear shape, you're going to want to go with something a little different. An A-Line dress works well, but you don't want it to be too loud when it reaches the skirt. Instead, go for something that flows away from your body in a fairly gradual manner.

Curves? Nope!

If you're lacking a bit in the curve department, you can actually create them with the right dress. You'll want to choose a wedding dress or a prom dress that follows a princess ball gown or A-line style. Typically these highlights where your natural waist falls, then extend into a much larger skirt, which gives you those perfect curves you want.

Wait! I Have Curves

If you were blessed with that perfect hourglass shape, don't hesitate to show it off a bit. Go with something that is fit at the top and through the middle, then flares at the skirt. To ensure your dress doesn't simply look like a ruler, though, look for a bit of drama with the flared skirt.

I Have A Few More Curves!

Looking for a plus size option that will accent every piece of your beautiful body? An A-line style is going to be your best bet. It will help to highlight your waist and offer support and a flattering appearance where you need it the most.

Affordable, beautiful wedding dress options and prom dress choices are right around the corner with us. Start shopping now.


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