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Shopping for a prom dress means choosing a colour that is going to look absolutely amazing on you, but how do you even know where to begin? It all starts with undertones.

Your True Shades

Your undertones are the true shades that work well for your skin. You can determine your undertones by simply pushing up your sleeves. Those veins on the inside of your wrist will quickly reveal whether you have cool or warm undertones. If you're seeing blue, you have cooler undertones. If you see green, you're seeing warm undertones.

If you don't see any colours at all, you're fairly neutral. Your hair and eye colour can play into this examination. Cool tones tend to look great if you have blue, grey, or green eyes. Blonde, brown, or black hair typically fits with that profile. Brown, hazel, or amber eyes tend to be warmer undertones. Ginger, brown, and black hair typically fit with that as well.

The Next Step

Now that you have some idea of what your true shades might be, you can begin to narrow down the colours that look best on you. Girls who tend to have warmer tones look best in yellow, orange, cream, and camel. Girls who tend to have cooler tones look amazing in blue, green, purple, and red. The key is to make certain you don't select a colour that is the exact same as your undertone. If you do, you're going to find a fairly bland picture that won't wow anyone as you step out of the limo.

A Few Other Considerations

While your true colours have to be part of the equation, you may also want to think about what your date might look best in, as well as the colour palette for the theme.

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